Jane Burrows - self portrait 2019

Jane Burrows is a contemporary painter and printmaker, living and working in London. Her work is built around observational drawing, creating monotypes from small-scale graphite sketches. 

Life drawing is central to Jane’s work, having herself been both muse and master in the life drawing studio. By playing with perspective, her work merges the abstract with the figurative, placing gender at its core to quietly question cultural expectations of the female form. To achieve a softly textured aesthetic, Jane uses water mixable oil paints, juxtaposing shape and colour, building up layers, and transferring the pigment from acetate to paper via rubbing. 

With a degree in Fine Art, and having studied Graphic Design at Chelsea School of Art, Jane has held a number of solo shows in France and also exhibited widely across the UK. Jane has featured in Brighton Open Houses 2016, 2017 and 2018.

More information about her work can be found on Art Republic.com

Email  janeburrowsart@gmail.com
Instagram  @janeburrowsart